Times Salomée Ebibi


  When I was little I gave my plastic horses true personality. Through all the stories I was doing with them, they kept their own character. Each of my horses had a name, a story. I transposed to my world-views through these small figurines. It was no loger figurines in my eyes, but true characters.…

Memories Salomée Ebibi


   The animal is similar to the human and I’m fascinated by their behavior: communication, without words, by means of body language. I approach, understand and observe. The evolution has given them a different anatomy to human, and therefore a motion unique to each species, this is one of my biggest inspiration. Reproducing their…

Glassblowing Salomée Ebibi

Animals Glassblowing

Ce projet mélange défi technique et art car il s’agit de travailler du verre à chaud. Les animaux en verre soufflé sont le fruit de mon aventure Hawaïenne aux cotés d’artistes de Makai Glass Studio.

Baloon Salomée Ebibi


Les montgolfières sont à mes yeux des représentations du voyage et de la fantaisie. Elles volent, immobiles, donnant au verre une touche de légèreté.